You and Your Personality

We talk a lot about individuals personality, whether our friends, colleagues or even about your folks. All individuals differ at personality level, some are extrovert, some introvert and so on. Moreover, people do sometimes judge one another on basis of one’s persona.

How many of us know that what type of person I am, does an individual know about his real personality or who that person is. There are n number of questions which comes in mind when one thinks on this subject. There are individuals who are not aware of themselves at all, and they come to know about their personality from another person. Most of the times when one faces their own analysis on personality, they try to differ or disagree, or they don’t want to face their real side as how they actual look to the society or to the people.

Nowadays, we see lot of personality tests on web, where you answer few questions and get to know what you are or what type of individual you are, “if you answer them with your gut feeling and are honest”, rest analysis will do its work and come to conclusion about your persona trait. These tests assess your personality traits and how you think about things and how you react to certain situations. As per Wikipedia the first personality assessment measures were developed in the 1920s and this was mainly introduced for armed forces. Since these early efforts, a wide variety of questionnaires have been introduced and developed including the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF), the Comrey Personality Scales (CPS), among many others.[10][11] Although popular especially among personnel consultants, the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has numerous psychometric deficiencies. More recently, a number of instruments based on the Five Factor Model of personality have been constructed such as the Revised NEO Personality Inventory.However, the Big Five and related Five Factor Model have been challenged for accounting for less than two-thirds of the known trait variance in the normal personality sphere alone.

According to me I prefer MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator most, I tried myself and found that my personality falls under ENTJ-A. You know, it’s good to know about your personality and very much aware of your strengths and weakness. If one really works on personality on areas where weakness is on higher side then it can change his way of life, the way one thinks or works or most important interacts with others. It can boost individual’s confidence and morale and can achieve the best in life.

Now, should we all try these Personality Assessments and see where we are and how are as an individual, I say yes absolutely we should go for it. Should we start putting our Personality Status on our resumes to let the hiring department know about us, so that they know what type of person they are hiring or will give them fair idea. I think we should put this status or mark on our CV’s like other details and feel proud about it. It will help people to know you more and interact at your intellect level.

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People look for happiness and support all over, well I am the person who finds happiness and positive energy within myself. I am person who likes to mentor and motivate others and show them the path of being themselves. As a person I am more into knowing people and love to observe. A thinker where I think a lot and analyze stuff happening around us.

One thought on “You and Your Personality”

  1. Truly speaking , Massa I was unaware of such tests until I read your blog. My perception is that my perception about myself itself changes from circumstances , situations I face in life (may be unimaginable tough situations which I came across in life or the easiest situations I came across in life , or can be this way too…a tough situation turned away a piece of cake or the simple one got tougher , a big challenge . Tests given in apps , web are “not all the way to measure oneself” as per myself , its life itself which puts one to various scenarios and how one faces it . Problem solving attitude may be one to measure , people skills to say for another…I may good to some people but others can see the other side of the coin of me. A coin has two sides and can flip itself as per human situations. You may call me good or bad but its all perception of individual’s brain ‘s thought process. I was an introvert in school, later my training in the Air Force changed me the way I behaved , I interacted , the way I thought , the way I dressed , and after leaving Air Force , my personality has been some thing more or some thing less. Reason being Force trains and develops its resources as per org’s needs but a veteran outside in a civil society may be a good or bad persona in the eyes of the civilian society.

    Bottom Line :- Good knowledge about persona testing / measuring apps , but ist upto individual to ask his own conscience to become a better person day by day , instance by instance , person to person, situation to situation….Hope you may agree, somethings at least , if not , its again a perception …it can always differ for every one.

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