First Night Together

Our first night together, our first night to lay next to each other,

Tingle and excitement in heart and butterflies chirping in our souls,

We seeing into eyes and talking with silence, being one on our first night and  laying side by side,

Your touch and my sigh, sigh of togetherness and closeness,

Your lips touching my lips, and exchanging the breath of souls, laying next to each other,

Your strength in me, your soul in me and we being one on our first night together,

Slept in arms and dream our world, when woke up it was a beautiful morning with a kiss, on our first night together,

Our souls are in love truly, madly, deeply and what if we deny of this beautiful beginning which is love but destiny has the answer,

New beginning, new journey, new life, so let us not hold it rather nourish and cherish it as life is too short for absurd thinking and wasteful thoughts,

Awakening, new hope after our first night together.


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People look for happiness and support all over, well I am the person who finds happiness and positive energy within myself. I am person who likes to mentor and motivate others and show them the path of being themselves. As a person I am more into knowing people and love to observe. A thinker where I think a lot and analyze stuff happening around us.

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