Busy, Busy and Busy…!

People say they are choked with work and don’t have time, always busy like crazy. Is this true?

I don’t think so, because if one knows how to manage their time and how to prioritize the work then no one can be busy . One should always know their priorities, everything one does may not have urgent priority as we think so. It’s human tendency to get stressed to see lot in plate and sometimes ending up doing nothing which turns in total chaos. So, always remember to :

  1. Have a list of things to do on daily basis written on notepad etc.
  2. Arrange the items in order of urgency or priority.
  3. Never jump from one item to another, always finish one and go to another.
  4. If you are good at multitasking, then do smaller items with least priority.
  5. Review your work which you have completed and move to another.
  6. Always read all your emails in your mailbox and keep to clean and tidy.
  7. Have sticky posts on your board and set them as visual board to have the idea of how much work is done and how is left, be Agile.
  8. Always have smile on face and be positive whether at work or doing other stuff apart from work, if you will work under stress it will get stuck.

These are few tips from my day to day life and the way I like to work. Hope you will start same way and see the change in your style of working.


Searching for Solitude

We have lost human touch, respect and understanding one’s emotion. Gone are the days where we used to differentiate between Empathy and Sympathy. Alas, we lost our precious human days where people used to understand each other by just saying a word “Hello or Hey” or just by giving a smile “Real Smile” and not “Smiley”.

We must be aware, there are lot of people who are running away from cities, towns, and most important from social obligations and looking for Salvation, running for Solitude, Why? Do you have any answer?

Recently, I watched program on #BBC Earth, “Where the Wild Men are with #Ben Fogle”, I was surprised to see how established well to do and well settled people have left daily hustle bustle and living in some remote jungles and islands, happily and without any disturbance, from people around or social media. People are going back to Old Age style of living, where they breed cattle’s, grow their own vegetables and do little bit of farming for their survival.  Watched film on Ian Usher, who was doing very good in his career and living happily in Australia, but because of stress and disturbed marriage which turned into Divorce, he auctioned his entire life – car, home, job and friends – on eBay in a midlife crisis that made headlines the world over. He owns a Caribbean island now and is living happily. And like him there are so many people.

Why are we running from everything around us, what is bothering us? Now days, we have everything available on our finger tips, isn’t it? I have answer, the reason is we don’t have #PEACE. We all are searching for peace and tranquility which has gone from none to never. Technology is giving us so many things every day, be it IoT, AI, Watson, Robots, and so on and so forth. Social media is killing us all, WhatsApp, FB, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. We have lost our rights of privacy. We are growing in Artificial Technology and that is resulting in emergence of Robots and Loss of Humans. Soon, we will see only Robots around and Humans will be here and there, as they will be running towards stone age.

So, I am wandering are we heading to disaster and end of this human race as we have started building Robots and machines with human intelligence and ending the living people or pushing them to get out, saying, if you want to survive go back to the stone age as you don’t fit here.

Can we all put ON thinking Caps and try to do analysis as to where is the balance and where should we draw a line.

We all are humans with flesh and blood and we need human touch, we cannot live in virtual world and be friends or well-wishers on just social media. We are losing our health, mind, respect for others and most important ourselves because of this technology boom. I am not against the technology, it has done wonderful things but we need to have place for everything.

We need to understand and realize it soon, rather than at the point where it’s too late.

Welcome to the World of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Well, everyone is talking about AI these days, few support it, few admire this new technology and some of them are feeling not good about it and are bit skeptical. Now, skeptical in what way, there are various areas where I also somehow feel bit scared of this technology, so the areas are:

  1. More of machine intervention in any Sector or Industry, resulting in job losses
  2. More threat to systems because of cyber threats, which is increasing a lot
  3. Maybe machines or robots will not be able to understand situation in critical condition, because they were not coded that way, in areas of self-driving or medical field
  4. Major threat in case of ammunition or military side, if AI involved that side

According to experts, there are three major areas where we see the threat in terms of Artificial Intelligence, Drones turned into missiles, Fake Videos manipulating public opinion and Automated Hacking which I mentioned in above points, and this happens if the technology goes into wrong hands and which we must be aware of. Policy makers need to put thinking caps related to these issues as to how this can be avoided. While AI researches and architects are working on this, they also should be aware and pro-active about if it goes into wrong hands and how to handle it.

Now, let’s talk about the jobs and people scared of this new technology and feeling insecure about their future. A recent report from Forrester predicts that by 2021, intelligent agents and related robots will have eliminated a net 6% of jobs. That’s a huge number. We must understand that when tasks are automated, becoming cheaper and faster, we need more human workers to do the other tasks in the process that haven’t been automated. So, for that we need to work on acquiring more skills or upskill ourselves, our employees need to be ready for future jobs. If an organization is planning to acquire AI and newer technology, then you need to first work and think how to upskill your existing employees and what all skills they need, we cannot just start laying off people or saying your service is no longer required now.

So, the most important point is you all need to think about new skills and expertise where you can grow. In present world you cannot survive on your old or existing skills, keep upgrading yourself as we upgrade the system etc. this is the need of an hour.

Lastly, will AI or Robots take over human intelligence and what will be consequence. Well, as per research and experts this is not going to happen soon or in near future, however this may happen down the line say 100 years or 200 years, so it is centuries away. As of now, whatever we are feeding into AI system or AI Robots or Super AI robots is working accordingly and needs lot of human intervention. So, we need to make sure whatever algorithms and codes are written are accurate and have security features. There are lot of myths related to AI which are just rumors, however as people see them as risks and concerns in that case AI researchers should take them seriously and work on them and make it safe.

The AI or robot misconception is related to the myth that machines can’t control humans. Intelligence enables control: humans control tigers not because we are stronger, but because we are smarter. This means that if we cede our position as smartest on our planet, it’s possible that we might also cede control. We humans made AI technology, we are behind the Robotics, so we know how to control them and it’s our brain and intelligence behind these innovations.

We will control this new technology and guide it and not the machines or robots. We are Smart and Intelligent, not the machines.



Peak Distraction

2018 is here and time is going by so fast that we don’t even realize what happened when and why. It was December and I was saying to myself, wow 2017 is over. We are so busy with our daily routine and things around us that what is going on and what is our priority sometimes speeds away from us, why because all of us are running in a marathon where there is no end, most of the people are in this marathon even without goal.

What are we doing, why are we getting deprived of mental peace and have no satisfaction of what we do. I have an answer for this, the only reason we are losing our mental peace is because of unnecessary DISTRACTION. And this distraction is not only taking our mental peace away but with it we are losing our friends and running our relationships, I should say “we are failing ourselves”.

So, what is this distraction which is acting as enemy of our life, which is taking our peace and not letting us enjoy and relax. This uninvited entity has taken so much space in our lives that we don’t think of anything else except using and being with it. The main areas where we have lost interest because of this uninvited friend is:

  • We eat but, we don’t eat as we have full concentration on this friend
  • We are with friends, physically but mentally we are not with them as our mind has been occupied by this unknown friend
  • We are watching movie or TV; however, we don’t know what we are watching as we are watching stuff what our uninvited friend is sharing
  • We are with our loved ones who care for us and love us, but alas, this friend who has taken toll on mind and life is taking us away from them and making us loose them
  • Most of hours in our daily life goes with this bugger, this Mr. Distraction

Who is this, what is this distraction have you figured out by now, about whom I am talking. Yes, you are right it is none else than our Mr. Smartphone, our Peak Distraction.

Smartphone has become the most dangerous distraction of our lives, it is spreading as disease which is worse than any other medical disease.   In India itself, people are with their smartphones 04Hrs a day, this is latest figure. We have just shunted our real life and real people and immersed ourselves in virtual world and people. We have started being with virtual world more than, reality around us, people being around or with us. This distraction has made us most disrespectful creatures. We don’t care what the other person sitting next to me or with me is saying as I am stuck into smartphone and the virtual world it has created for me. We are not realizing the dangerous drawbacks this distraction is resulting IN. Majorly, health issues like, eye sight going weak, headaches, backaches, losing interest in physical activities, mood swings, nausea etc.

We now need Digital Detox, rather than Body Detox. We need to get rid of this distraction and utilize our time in physical activities, being with our friends, loved ones and spending time with them.

Most of the relationships which are failing is because of Smartphones, this is creating sense of distrust in your partner, your partner is not having trust in you now because he/she feels that you are with someone else on phone and vice-versa. We have lost sense of Respect, we don’t care about other person who has come to meet us or is on table with us as we are busy with our phone and that person loses respect for you and vice-versa, if you have that sense of respect in you.

We need to stop this, what are we teaching to our future generations that cut off from the real world and get busy with virtual world. Don’t make real friends but spend time with virtual friends. We are doing so much harm to our children, by making them use Smartphones to play games etc., rather than letting them go in playground or to play with their friends. Now, don’t give me crappy excuse that we don’t have playgrounds. We, are generation of excuses, you ask it and I have it.

Technology is good, it is for our good and future, but don’t misuse it. Use Smartphones but don’t get addicted to it. As we all know Access Use for Everything or Anything is Bad. We need to use it wisely and smartly.

So, let’s make a pledge in 2018, that we will use our Smartphones in controlled manner, we will care about our relationships and friends and families and respect them. Let’s keep this Distraction aside when we are with family and friends, let’s use it when required not always. Give time to yourself, you need detox of mind and body to be fresh and to make your tomorrow better and brighter.