You and Your Personality

We talk a lot about individuals personality, whether our friends, colleagues or even about your folks. All individuals differ at personality level, some are extrovert, some introvert and so on. Moreover, people do sometimes judge one another on basis of one’s persona.

How many of us know that what type of person I am, does an individual know about his real personality or who that person is. There are n number of questions which comes in mind when one thinks on this subject. There are individuals who are not aware of themselves at all, and they come to know about their personality from another person. Most of the times when one faces their own analysis on personality, they try to differ or disagree, or they don’t want to face their real side as how they actual look to the society or to the people.

Nowadays, we see lot of personality tests on web, where you answer few questions and get to know what you are or what type of individual you are, “if you answer them with your gut feeling and are honest”, rest analysis will do its work and come to conclusion about your persona trait. These tests assess your personality traits and how you think about things and how you react to certain situations. As per Wikipedia the first personality assessment measures were developed in the 1920s and this was mainly introduced for armed forces. Since these early efforts, a wide variety of questionnaires have been introduced and developed including the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF), the Comrey Personality Scales (CPS), among many others.[10][11] Although popular especially among personnel consultants, the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has numerous psychometric deficiencies. More recently, a number of instruments based on the Five Factor Model of personality have been constructed such as the Revised NEO Personality Inventory.However, the Big Five and related Five Factor Model have been challenged for accounting for less than two-thirds of the known trait variance in the normal personality sphere alone.

According to me I prefer MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator most, I tried myself and found that my personality falls under ENTJ-A. You know, it’s good to know about your personality and very much aware of your strengths and weakness. If one really works on personality on areas where weakness is on higher side then it can change his way of life, the way one thinks or works or most important interacts with others. It can boost individual’s confidence and morale and can achieve the best in life.

Now, should we all try these Personality Assessments and see where we are and how are as an individual, I say yes absolutely we should go for it. Should we start putting our Personality Status on our resumes to let the hiring department know about us, so that they know what type of person they are hiring or will give them fair idea. I think we should put this status or mark on our CV’s like other details and feel proud about it. It will help people to know you more and interact at your intellect level.

Reality and Dream

There are really two issues here: one is the degree to which an experience seems subjectively real (at least while it is happening). The other issue is independent of the first; this is the degree to which the experience seems objectively real in the sense that it produces actual effects on other parts of reality.

Since age of 14, I was more mature than my other friends. I had realized what is good and bad, what we should do and why. I had embraced my Solitude and was happy being in it. Only one person behind my mature brain and she was my Mother. She always wanted me to learn things whether cooking, cleaning, and understanding of life. I used to runaway from things which she used to tell me to do and always used to say,

Listen, “You have to learn, what if tomorrow you move to new place, how will you manage”.

My younger Brother never had to go through this process of learning. I used to be angry on him as he was free to go out play and do whatever he wants. With the time and me growing up, things changed I was more of homely guy rather than being playing and being with friends.  Started being alone with myself in my room, study, think all weird things on earth. And the best part, I used to think of being a Superman or some special guy with loads of extra powers. Why those thoughts and feelings because I wanted to runaway from whole scenario. There used to be instances where I wanted to just fly and leave this world.

One fine day, my mind was boiling with all the weirdest thoughts, I was on a roller coaster of misery and helplessness, not sure why my thoughts and my inner self was in some sort of trauma and denial of my existence. And in this whole pull and push, I found myself drenched in snow and running from everything in void where there was no destiny or goal. I, ran away from my home and decided not to come back. But, after a day long walking and moving from one place to another crying and cursing and saying sorry to my parents, there was a time when suddenly I found myself lying in my bed. How did I come back, what was that force which made me return to home, I don’t know, it was like a miracle.

My Mother, was always worried about me and wanted me to be happy as she loved me more than anything else. We were like best friends, laugh, and talk and share everything. She was my mentor and guide and taught me everything what I am today. She treated me like I was her Daughter rather than Son. Maybe she wanted to have daughter and I was born “by mistake”. It was more of a mother daughter relationship rather than mother son relationship. Sometimes I wander was I her daughter and by mistake took shape of a boy when I was born.

As a lonely lad, always in my thoughts and solitude, playing with all things which does not exist and being with my imaginary friend had total different effect on me. I loved to be with myself and in my fantasy world. Being not so connected to people around and having no friends, I decided to move to different city or place. And my parents agreed me to study in Delhi for rest of my schooling and college.  That was a turning point in my life, no one was around me I was in my own world. Learned to be independent and tackle things on my own, from a shy guy evolved a smart guy, with tremendous presence of mind.

I started writing letters to my mum, as that time there were no mobile phones. She used to write me back everything which we used to talk in person, we started talking through letters. I started growing up, being more confident, mature and responsible. Being away from my folks and no one to bother me, I was bound to do anything, I could have even turned to bad company or friends because it was my way out. But never did that always maintained a distance from groups who were trouble makers or can deviate me from my studies. This again used to come from her letters, my parents had trust on me and knew their son will not disappoint them or will not do anything which will break their trust. And parents should have this feeling and faith towards their kids. If you cannot build that trust or faith, your child will think in reverse manner.

Being a happy and confident guy, I was good at studies and besides my regular studies, was busy with extra activities related to Radio, Television and most important Theater. Everything I was doing was teaching me some or the other lesson and yes thanks to my parents for being my support at every step and decision I took. I understood the meaning of life and what does it mean. I grew up into a different personality, self-confident, independent and ready to embrace any challenge. My Solitude helped me a lot in this whole personality development and being a mature person.

Alas, there was a day when my Mum was diagnosed with Cancer, I was shattered, my world came crashing down, and it was a sudden earthquake on a scale of magnitude which no one can imagine or calculate.  Doctors gave a time frame of a year for her survival, it was all done and dusted and there was no hope. I was watching my Mum, dying in front of me day in and day out but nothing which I can do except loads of prayers and begging to Allah to give her back to me. As, I had stepped myself into world of work and earn, so had to be in Delhi. Always used to talk to her on phone laugh and giggle, make jokes as we used to do.  And one day on phone she said, “People come, people leave and that’s how world ends”, after few days of that saying, my phone rang, and I knew what the news was about, and that was the end.

My Mother and my best friend left me in void, now with whom will I share my ups and downs, my laughs and my achievements.  A miracle happened, one day I woke up with confusion and happiness. Guess what, I just had finished talking to my Mum, not through letters or phone but face to face as we used to at home. We used to talk regular stuff like we used to do, if I required any suggestion on any issue she guided me. She knew everything what was happening around and with my Dad and Brother too. I do tell her about things happening at home and she is the one who gives me suggestions to solve them. And I tell that to my Dad and Brother. I made her meet my friends and talk to them. My Dad, was skeptical first when I told him about this dream and he literally blasted me for not letting her go in peace. I knew, it was not me troubling her, but it was her love for me which compelled her to be with me in my dream. I explained same to my Father and you know now he also asks me, “Hey what were you and your Mum discussing today”J. I never want to wake-up when she is with me and I hate if someone wakes me up while we are in conversation.

What was it, a reality or a dream? I wandered, it was a dream however, talks and discussion were real. She has never stopped talking to me since then and I always share things with her as I used to do always.

So, as I mentioned there are really two issues here: one is the degree to which an experience seems subjectively real (at least while it is happening). The other issue is independent of the first; this is the degree to which the experience seems objectively real in the sense that it produces actual effects on other parts of reality. Both the issues happened with me and I am happily living and experiencing it.

Searching for Solitude

We have lost human touch, respect and understanding one’s emotion. Gone are the days where we used to differentiate between Empathy and Sympathy. Alas, we lost our precious human days where people used to understand each other by just saying a word “Hello or Hey” or just by giving a smile “Real Smile” and not “Smiley”.

We must be aware, there are lot of people who are running away from cities, towns, and most important from social obligations and looking for Salvation, running for Solitude, Why? Do you have any answer?

Recently, I watched program on #BBC Earth, “Where the Wild Men are with #Ben Fogle”, I was surprised to see how established well to do and well settled people have left daily hustle bustle and living in some remote jungles and islands, happily and without any disturbance, from people around or social media. People are going back to Old Age style of living, where they breed cattle’s, grow their own vegetables and do little bit of farming for their survival.  Watched film on Ian Usher, who was doing very good in his career and living happily in Australia, but because of stress and disturbed marriage which turned into Divorce, he auctioned his entire life – car, home, job and friends – on eBay in a midlife crisis that made headlines the world over. He owns a Caribbean island now and is living happily. And like him there are so many people.

Why are we running from everything around us, what is bothering us? Now days, we have everything available on our finger tips, isn’t it? I have answer, the reason is we don’t have #PEACE. We all are searching for peace and tranquility which has gone from none to never. Technology is giving us so many things every day, be it IoT, AI, Watson, Robots, and so on and so forth. Social media is killing us all, WhatsApp, FB, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. We have lost our rights of privacy. We are growing in Artificial Technology and that is resulting in emergence of Robots and Loss of Humans. Soon, we will see only Robots around and Humans will be here and there, as they will be running towards stone age.

So, I am wandering are we heading to disaster and end of this human race as we have started building Robots and machines with human intelligence and ending the living people or pushing them to get out, saying, if you want to survive go back to the stone age as you don’t fit here.

Can we all put ON thinking Caps and try to do analysis as to where is the balance and where should we draw a line.

We all are humans with flesh and blood and we need human touch, we cannot live in virtual world and be friends or well-wishers on just social media. We are losing our health, mind, respect for others and most important ourselves because of this technology boom. I am not against the technology, it has done wonderful things but we need to have place for everything.

We need to understand and realize it soon, rather than at the point where it’s too late.

What if we are going to Die Tomorrow?

Well, we all are so busy with our daily lives and our busy routines and we forget about things around us or we don’t care about what is going around us or in our society. All are running for their bit and making sure that whatever is their job, we do that better and on top of that make sure no one else goes ahead, which we call Competition and I say Rat Race.

How many of us really think about, what if I was not alive tomorrow or what if I face sudden death. And we all may have seen or heard of such instances, I have heard and even lost my friends. Today he is with me at work and we are sipping coffee, chatting in cafeteria, giggling cracking jokes and the next day he is no more, a sudden death and a total shock for all friends, family, colleagues. What happened, did that person knew he was about to die or his time was over, no he didn’t nor we knew, moreover we don’t want to know. All of us are occupied with thoughts of investments, jobs, hikes, growth, vacations, just planning and planning and planning and no idea about the end, a closure of mind and heart, loss of soul in void and our spirit which will be hanging somewhere in skies between Heaven and Hell, and to tell you about this, there are various stories where the Spirit will go after leaving one’s body.

Why am I writing this article on death, why this thought came to me, what made me start thinking about this area. Only, reason is me seeing people leaving us or going to leave us anytime. Can I ask you a question, how many times in a day you think about death? Do we? No, we don’t, we should because we don’t know when we are going to breathe our last breath. What if we knew when we are going to die, have you ever thought or imagined, say, we would have been made aware at time of birth or any stage of our life that, here is your date of death with time and place. What will you do then, stop living, stop caring about others or about yourself, stop caring or thinking about things which I discussed earlier, job etc. Or, will we start, living more, give our best to the people around us, be more caring and loving. Forget about caste, creed, religion and stop being racist, love all and be more understanding, and respectful towards family, people, community, society and friends. Will be more motivated individuals to spend the best of us in this limited time on Earth.

You know what do some of those changes look like? When reminded of death, we treat those who are like us in looks, political slant, geographic origin and religious beliefs more favorably. We become more contemptuous and violent towards people who do not share those similarities. We profess a deeper commitment to romantic partners who validate our worldviews and we tend to be more calm and spiritual and peaceful. Reverse can also happen we can become more careless, nihilistic, start drinking, smoking, eating whatever we want and so on because we don’t care now. Society will change, norms will change, how people think about religion and other areas will change.

Start, thinking and remembering about death, what if nothing is with us tomorrow. Stop hating each other and pulling each other down be at work, in political system, at your office, around your society. Be humble, calm and peace-loving individual, give your best at any side of your life or any job you are doing, be honest and transparent. We are not on this Earth forever, no one is. So, why do we need unhealthy competition, racism, corruption, religion divides, communal-ism. Why all these negative thing, for what. Stop spreading hate on Social Media, spreading fake news. Use Social Media for spreading Peace, Love and Harmony. Discuss positive things, good stuff and motivate others to live in the happiest possible way.

Hatred is corrosive of a person’s wisdom and conscience; the mentality of enmity can poison a nation’s spirit, instigate brutal life and death struggles, destroy a society’s tolerance and humanity, and block a nation’s progress to freedom and democracy. – Liu Xiaobo

Welcome to the World of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Well, everyone is talking about AI these days, few support it, few admire this new technology and some of them are feeling not good about it and are bit skeptical. Now, skeptical in what way, there are various areas where I also somehow feel bit scared of this technology, so the areas are:

  1. More of machine intervention in any Sector or Industry, resulting in job losses
  2. More threat to systems because of cyber threats, which is increasing a lot
  3. Maybe machines or robots will not be able to understand situation in critical condition, because they were not coded that way, in areas of self-driving or medical field
  4. Major threat in case of ammunition or military side, if AI involved that side

According to experts, there are three major areas where we see the threat in terms of Artificial Intelligence, Drones turned into missiles, Fake Videos manipulating public opinion and Automated Hacking which I mentioned in above points, and this happens if the technology goes into wrong hands and which we must be aware of. Policy makers need to put thinking caps related to these issues as to how this can be avoided. While AI researches and architects are working on this, they also should be aware and pro-active about if it goes into wrong hands and how to handle it.

Now, let’s talk about the jobs and people scared of this new technology and feeling insecure about their future. A recent report from Forrester predicts that by 2021, intelligent agents and related robots will have eliminated a net 6% of jobs. That’s a huge number. We must understand that when tasks are automated, becoming cheaper and faster, we need more human workers to do the other tasks in the process that haven’t been automated. So, for that we need to work on acquiring more skills or upskill ourselves, our employees need to be ready for future jobs. If an organization is planning to acquire AI and newer technology, then you need to first work and think how to upskill your existing employees and what all skills they need, we cannot just start laying off people or saying your service is no longer required now.

So, the most important point is you all need to think about new skills and expertise where you can grow. In present world you cannot survive on your old or existing skills, keep upgrading yourself as we upgrade the system etc. this is the need of an hour.

Lastly, will AI or Robots take over human intelligence and what will be consequence. Well, as per research and experts this is not going to happen soon or in near future, however this may happen down the line say 100 years or 200 years, so it is centuries away. As of now, whatever we are feeding into AI system or AI Robots or Super AI robots is working accordingly and needs lot of human intervention. So, we need to make sure whatever algorithms and codes are written are accurate and have security features. There are lot of myths related to AI which are just rumors, however as people see them as risks and concerns in that case AI researchers should take them seriously and work on them and make it safe.

The AI or robot misconception is related to the myth that machines can’t control humans. Intelligence enables control: humans control tigers not because we are stronger, but because we are smarter. This means that if we cede our position as smartest on our planet, it’s possible that we might also cede control. We humans made AI technology, we are behind the Robotics, so we know how to control them and it’s our brain and intelligence behind these innovations.

We will control this new technology and guide it and not the machines or robots. We are Smart and Intelligent, not the machines.