How May I Help You?

How frustrated do you feel when you give a call to the Customer Care and you end up with worst experience and I am sure you must have felt few things in a fraction of seconds, like:

  1. Why the hell did I called the Customer Care number.
  2. Why Companies don’t recruit agents who can speak well and have proper knowledge.
  3. And finally, most important point, why the hell I opted for this product from xyz company.

And we all have experienced this pain and are experiencing on daily basis, so what is the solution, should we stop buying the products where we end up calling their service desk for the support and help or should we go for products where we get support at our doorstep.

Main reason for companies to lose their business in today’s competitive hush and rush is because of their Product which is not put through various quality checks (as we know example of Samsung) before launching in the market and secondly, their customer care department.

Let us focus on Customer Care Support or Service Desk support people. Why are they so rude or why don’t they have knowledge of the product which they are supporting, why are we loosing focus on this important aspect of the business.

I remember in 2002-03 when there was boom in Call Centre business and culture, employees who used to work there were so passionate and enthusiastic about serving their customers and clients. Training which used to be provided after joining was at least for 2 months including shadowing period. People used to love their job and jump for competitions. I myself was part of such company where I grew from Technical Agent to Team Lead and I am sure most of you would have already lived that life. We were so focused towards customer relationship and providing the best support. Customer’s used to love the support and never wanted to leave the product and the company which owned it, so we used to end up providing Loyal Customers to our Clients.

Where are those days, why customer care now is so pathetic and non-supportive?

So, here are few tips for Service Industry and Product based Companies:

  • Work on your product and make sure it is tested and do go through various quality checks.
  • Hire resources for your support desk with good understanding and communication.
  • Train the Service Desk agents on Product, Policies and escalation matrix.
  • Make them understand what Customer means to them.
  • Most important, give proper training on Communication and Culture.

If we concentrate on above points, we will see change in our Customer Behavior and have loyal Clientele


The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary. – Sam Walton

Game Of “Thrones”, Or “Survival”!

New Technology and New Flaws, everyday we see “n” number of products being launched, companies are competing with each other to remain stable in the market. It’s like a game or a race, Game of Survival, Survival of the Best. There is no time for a Product Company to sit back and relax and watch its product for few years to see how it is doing. They cannot have that liberty now, if you are relaxing, next moment your competitor will take over and your product will be out of the market, so will be your company.

Now, the question is how is this race proceeding, are these products really good to compete in the market be it mobile phones, cars, or any other product. When Samsung launched Galaxy Note7, it was a WOW thing but because of the battery issue they had to recall the product from the market and as a user I will say they failed their customers, there market image got setback. According to the electronic giant, around 500,000 replacements happened which is huge. Recent survey was done and the results foreshadow tougher times for Samsung after the 1 million-phone recall, which analysts predict could cost the world’s biggest smartphone seller $904 million.

Now, in this race #Apple is never behind of #Samsung, they are launching new series of phones and recent one is “x” series. So, what do we expect from this product, how are consumers looking at it, are they flawless and with no issues, maybe or maybe not, fingers crossed J.

According to me keeping in mind this mad race of survival, companies are loosing on Quality and Testing. Are they really checking and monitoring the products before throwing them into consumer’s hands and making sure it really works? Who is responsible for this mess? From couple of years we have seen products being recalled because of tiny issues which end up in havoc, like from automobile industry Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda,  and yes Tesla and Mercedes are not behind, recalling their cars because of various issues.

Why is this madness, why can’t they do a proper Test and Quality check on the Product before launching it in the market. What this all is  resulting in, Customer Dissatisfaction and loosing loyal consumers and clients, Brand Image Crash and making the Competitor WIN the Game, Game Of Survival.

“Play to win, not “not to lose”.”

Do comment about your thoughts, and what you feel is the main issue on the Products Failure.